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Find your way to be active abroad

Living in Czech Republic and love to move your body?

Keep your active way of life here too!

You can choose from many classes and course, including power yoga, workout, contemporary and dance for your kids.

If you want to know more, you know, what to do.

Najdi způsob pohybu, který si zamiluješ!

Pracujete ve středu Brna a chcete stihnout cvičení ještě před prací?

Co třeba ranní yoga?

Dále nabízím lekce stepu aneb jak se stát tanečníkem a hudebníkem ve stejnou chvíli

Pokud chcete vědět víc, tak víte, co dělat.

Welcome to DANCE AKA

Dance AKA . . .

These "dotts" are representing freedom and infinity of meanings, what dance can mean to you. For me it's PASSION, LIFE STYLE, MEDITATION,...

My name is Anežka Knotková and I am a teacher of my courses and classes of dance and fitness in the very centre of town Brno since 2017.

My classes are mainly in ENGLISH language and for foreigners. I hope they will feel little bit of home abroad.

In my Schedule, you can find...

From September 2017 I have prepared for you NEW COURSES, for kids and adults!

Kids ( info HERE):

  • Dance basics (czech)
  • Dancing in english (english)
  • Modern dance (english)
  • Step - LIL TAP (english)

OPEN WEEK from 4th September till 8th September 2017 (Dominikánská 11/13, Brno)! (info HERE)


My biggest passion is TAP DANCE!

So from September 2017 you can finally learn how to be another Bojangles!

"Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people."

(Alvin Ailey)

"Dancing is a sweet job."

(Fred Astaire)

"Dancing is music made visible."

(George Balanchine)